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A longtime resident of Santa Barbara, CA, Jules Oakley established the Mary Oakley Foundation in 1995 in memory of his late wife, Mary Oakley, who died of complications of Alzheimer's Disease in 1994. Jules Oakley directed that the proceeds of his Family Trust be used to improve the quality of life for indigent seniors suffering from one of the adult dementias in the Tri-Counties (Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo) area. He died in 1996, but not before seeing his Foundation bear fruit with provision of residential care to initial matriculants in the Santa Barbara area in May, 1995.

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Statement of Purpose

Staffed by an all-volunteer Board composed principally of relatives, the Foundation since its inception has supported public education and high-grade academic medical research projects associated with age-related cognitive diseases and other disorders of the brain and its end-related organs of special sense. The Foundation only supports pre-selected organizations and does not accept unsolicited proposals or donations. The Foundation underwrites continuous residential care for specifically qualified individuals in two-year stipends for seniors with dementia who are able to appreciate the attributes and offerings of residential living but can no longer manage their lives independently, have no financial resources, have no family support or are not yet qualified for Skilled Nursing placement, which is state supported in California.

After many years supporting research in dementia basic science, the Foundation established The Mary Oakley Foundation Chair in Neurodegenerative Diseases at the University of California in 2017. In 2018 the Foundation became a member of the Alzheimer's Association Zenith Society with Grants designated to support the International Research Grant Program, the LEARN Extension and the Longitudinal Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease Study (LEADS) as well as Individual Respite Grants and Family Services programs provided by the Association's California Central Coast Chapter. The Foundation also supports the Day Care Program at a long-established dual-location facility in its region of service for seniors who may safely live at home with family, along with major research projects at the University of California. The Foundation also supports Alzheimer's Disease International in its informational dissemination pursuits.

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How The Mary Oakley Foundation Works
With respect to residential care programs, the Foundation assists individuals who meet the qualifications enumerated below by awarding a monthly stipend covering the preponderance of the cost of placement in a contracted RCFE (Residential Care Facility for the Elderly). A recommended portion of the applicant's Social Security, and any other monthly benefits the applicant receives, on a sliding scale, is used to supplement the Mary Oakley Foundation Grant.

The applicant will receive this stipend as long as it is deemed appropriate based on the discretion of the Foundation exclusively. The initial term is for two years, and may be extended where appropriate, in the opinion of the Foundation, for one additional year. The Foundation reserves the right to terminate the stipend, without explanation, with 30 days formal written notice.

Availability of residential care facility funding is limited to a variable number of applicants at any one time. Therefore, once an applicant has been approved, they will be placed on a waiting list until a space is available in an approved facility.

The Foundation does not envisage using facilities other than those on its approved list, but will consider the petition by qualified candidates' family or legal conservator for variance on an individual basis, and will conduct an assessment of such a facility if and when deemed appropriate. The decision of the Mary Oakley Foundation Board to grant or decline such a petition shall be final.

Day Care, Family Service Grants and Respite Care Grants are managed by individual 501(c)(3) organizational Grant recipients of the Mary Oakley Foundation locally. Each has decades of experience in such administration and management. The Mary Oakley Foundation oversees the decisions and actions of such entities regularly, and reassesses the Grant-making process with regularity.

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Applicant Qualification Requirements

  • A diagnosis of dementia such as Alzheimer's Disease, Lewy Body dementia, lacunar infarct dementia or other similar senior dementia is required and must be designated by a practicing internist or neurologist; a family practitioner diagnosis without appropriate specialty consultation is not acceptable

  • Any individual considered for placement must have a family member, legal guardian or Conservator willing to function as an interested party for placement and relocation, and during the period of the Grant. An individual without a family member, legal guardian or Conservator will not be considered for a Mary Oakley Foundation Residential Grant under any circumstances

  • Be considered indigent (does not own a home, car, savings, investments, real estate or other possessions, etc.)

  • Provide incontrovertible proof of U.S. Citizenship

  • Qualify for and be issued a Medi-Cal number; admission will be delayed until that card is in the stipendee's possession and a copy provided to the Mary Oakley Foundation

  • Be a long-time resident of the Tri-Counties area (Ventura, Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo Counties), with proof thereof. Long-time residency is defined as being a continuously domiciled resident of one of the aforementioned Counties for a period of no less than ten years. The Foundation will not consider the application of individuals who have been moved to the Foundation's service area (as defined above) by their families in order to obtain a stipend

  • Individuals enrolled in Hospice in any way, shape or form, or who have been previously enrolled in Hospice, are not candidates for a Mary Oakley Foundation Grant

  • Individuals requiring injectable medications (e.g. insulin) cannot be considered for RCFE placement in the Mary Oakley Foundation program

  • Individuals must be ambulatory at the time of placement

  • Individuals with a history of prior Skilled Nursing Placement long-term are not candidates for a Mary Oakley Foundation Grant. Unusual circumstances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis

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Contact Us

Should you have any questions regarding The Mary Oakley Foundation, or wish to apply for a Residential Care Grant on behalf of an individual as their family member, caregiver or responsible party (legal guardian), you may contact the CEO, as shown below.

William C. Stivelman, M.D.
CEO and Medical Director
The Mary Oakley Foundation, Inc.
494 Twin Oaks Court
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362-3166

Phone: (805) 494-5137

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